CBSE Class 10th, 12th Results: Edu Minister gives Vague Statement About Results Declaration
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CBSE Class 10, 12 Results 2022: The CISCE has released the results for ICSE Class X, now it is expected that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will follow the trend and release the board results in the upcoming weeks. Although, CBSE has made no official statement regarding the announcements of the examination.

Yesterday, as CISCE was declaring its result, Education minister Dharmendra Pradhan made a vague statement at a separate event in Kanpur. He said the results will come at the right time and precisely his statement was “The exams were going on till June 15. After that, checking takes 45 days. I spoke with CBSE (officials) yesterday only and the results will come on time,”. 

Adopting a fail-safe method, in case the covid-19 remerge and they had to close the schools, Cbse adopted a dual semester assessment method. So, throughout the academic session, CBSE was slumped will the sheer amount of examinations. It was not just the semester exams but rather the sessional and pre-exams which led to a double workload from usual.

The Fail-safe model resulted in the delay, and the Class 12 examination ended after 51 days on June 15, 2022. The state of CBSE students is growing chaotic with each passing day, and this is evident from the fact that UGC has to step in by asking state universities to consider the CBSE results declaration before closing the admission window. In its formal letter, it has urged universities to implore the future of these students and allow them a fair opportunity to attain admission into higher education. 

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The majority of the Boards across India have either concluded the academic Session 2021-22 or are almost done with it. It would be interesting to see, how long the bedlam will prevail for the CBSE students.