JEE Mains 2022: Day 4 Exams Over, Check Paper Analysis for Both Shifts Here
JEE Mains 2022: Paper Analysis for Day 4 exams - PC : My Result Plus
JEE Mains 2022: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has successfully wrapped up the fourth day of JEE Mains 2022 exam today on June 26, 2022. Both the sessions began and ended according to the decided schedule. The paper analysis for both the shifts has been described below.

JEE Mains 2022: Subject-wise Paper Analysis for Shift 1

Physics section: Students found the Physics section in session 1 of the exams to be easy, in which questions from waves and sound optics were totally absent. However, a decent number of questions had been asked from other prominent topics such as Magnetics and Electricity, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat, Optics and Modern Physics.
Chemistry: Seconding Physics, the Chemistry paper's difficulty level was also termed easy by the students. Similar to yesterday, the Chemistry section for Session 1 exams today also contained a majority of questions from NCERT. Students stated that solving NCERT examples turned out to be quite beneficial for the engineering entrance exam. Most of the questions were asked from Inorganic Chemistry (12), followed by Physical Chemistry (10) and Organic Chemistry (8).
Mathematics: The Mathematics paper for session 1 exams for today turned out to be of moderate difficulty level. Questions from coordinate geometry, vectors and 3D assumed dominance over other sections. However, a good number of questions were witnessed from other topics too, such as calculus and algebra. According to students, solving mock papers could have been one of the smartest manoeuvres to ace the Mathematics section.
JEE Mains 2022: Subject-wise Paper Analysis for Shift 2
Physics: The students who appeared in the Shift 2 exams perceived the difficulty level of the Physics paper for Shift 2 as moderate. Most of the questions belonged to topics such as capacitors, semiconductors and communication systems.
Chemistry: Labelled as easy by the students, the Chemistry paper witnessed questions from the topics: s,p, d&f block elements, metalloid, flame test, naming reactions, biomolecules, chemistry in everyday life and some questions from Physical Chemistry.
Mathematics: The mathematics paper's difficulty level was termed to be tough by the students. According to the students who took the Shift 2 exams, the questions asked in the Mathematics paper involved lengthy calculations, which ended up consuming a lot of time. Majority of the questions were asked from the topics: Arithmetic Progressions, Geometric progressions, Limits, Statistics and Mathematical reasoning.