KBC 10: Know more about Panchatantra, The Fables of Bidpai
KBC 10: Panchatantra
Stories are a very big and important part of our lives. We all grew up listening to the interesting stories.

Sometimes drawing out lessons out of them and sometimes to make an excuse of sleeping, they were always a part of us.

Despite having heard a lot of stories we might not even remember the names of the book or their authors, but all of us are familiar with the name of ‘Panchtantra’.

In the Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 10, one of the most loved quiz show in India, a question was asked regarding Panchatantra.

So let's learn more about our childhood best friend ‘Panchatantra’.

Author of Panchatantra

The author of Panchatantra was Brahmin Vishnu Sharma, an eminent scholar in the court of Amarashakti, the king of Mahilaropya.

Vishnusharma was very famous for his learning and his teaching skills. Hence was called for educating the sons of the king and making them fit to rule.
At the age of 80 years, he accepted the challenge and to teach the sons of the king, the rules of kingship and the principles of government he then devised the stories of Panchatantra.

Composition of Panchatantra

Many scholars say that Panchatantra was composed around 300 CE. Some even say that it was composed in 1500 BCE. But the exact date if its composition is not certain.
Structure of the Panchatantra

Panchatantra consists of five parts hence it was called to be Panchatantra.

If we talk about the original Panchatantra, it is a mixture of verse and prose.

The stories were mainly narrated in prose and the lessons from the tales were usually presented in verse form.

Panchatantra creates a kind of web for its readers as it has stories within stories.

This element makes it more interesting.