KBC 10: Do you Know which Cancer only Affect Males?
KBC 10: Facts About Prostate Cancer

We are usually very careful about whatever we do, our work, our studies, our relationships, every little thing we consider.

But we often tend to forget about the most important thing through which we are able to make our other works perfect and flawless.


We tend to forget about our body and don’t usually take care of our health.

If we think hard, we will understand that if we don’t care for our own self it will some or the other way affect our work.


There are numerous diseases we are not even aware of and it will be even more difficult for us to even imagine its cure.


In the latest episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, there was a question asked about a cancer which only men has.


The question stated, Which of these cancer only affects males?”


The answer for this question is “prostate cancer” among the four options posed for this question.


So lets know more about Prostate Cancer


Facts about Prostate Cancer


1. Under the age of 40 years one in 10,000 men develop prostate cancer while one in eight men between the age of 60 to 80 years suffer from this disease.


2. Many men die with prostate cancer, but it is not the reason for their death.


3. A man has a ten times increased risk of developing prostate cancer if he has three first degree relatives with this disease.


4. A man whose mother or sister if have developed breast cancer, the man itself has an increased risk of prostate cancer.


5. this cancer generally takes a long time to develop, so many doctors tend to opt for the so-called watchful waiting as a treatment option


6. If caught early, it can be cured.


There are many more diseases like this we are not even aware of, so we should always make sure that we take adequate care of our body and health.