KBC 10: Check Out, Which Animal was Declared the State Animal of Rajasthan in 2014
KBC 10: State Animal

Do you know an animal that has three sets of eyelids and two rows of eyelashes?

It's a camel. So when ever we talk about camels we mostly know that they have a hump on their back and they are found in deserts.

But there are many interesting facts we are not aware of about camels.

As it was asked in KBC’s season 10: which animal was called to be the state animal of Rajasthan in 2014?

We knew that camel is found in the desert but we were not aware of the fact that it got its title as a state animal of Rajasthan recently in 2014.


So let us know more about Camels:


1. Camel got its name from an Arabic word: gml. If we translate the word literally, it means beautiful.


2. What we were told that the camels use their humps to store water is not true. Camels don't use their humps to store water but they use it to store fat. What is more interesting is that the fat can be converted into food or water.

You may not see any hump on a camel when it is newly born, but as it starts having solids the hump or humps start growing.


3. Can you shut your nostrils? No, we cannot but camels can completely shut their nostrils during a sandstorm. Moreover, their nostrils can retain water vapor and it can be returned to the body whenever required.


4. Most of the animals show anger through attacking but camels have a very unique way to protect themselves. They spit to distract whatever they think is a threat to them.


5. A mother camel carries its baby for 14 months before giving birth. Some calves when born are completely white and turns brown as they grow up to be adults.


6. There are over 160 words in Arabic dedicated to the camel.


7. Camels are so strong that they can carry up to 900 pounds for 25 miles in a day and can travel up to 40 miles per hour. This is similar to as a racehorse.


8. As camels eat thorny plants, so according to other animals they have very thick lips. While eating they don’t damage their mouth. If you have ever wondered why a camel’s mouth is split into two, so it because it helps them to graze and eat their food effectively.


9. Seeing camels we cannot even imagine that they can be violent, but its a fact that in the past they were used during wars.


10. even though camels seem to be extremely slow and laid-back, they are very social. They travel in a group of around 30 other camels while searching for food.