Success Story: Keep Running for Your Well Being, Not After It; Proves 87 Years Old Daisy Victor
Age is just a number, is only believed by those who live their life to the fullest.

The desire to do something takes you ahead in life; an athlete Daisy Victor from Chennai is a living example of this.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done,” said Nelson Mandela, this motivational quote must be just the words for many but could only mean to few people.

Every day, at 7.30 am Daisy starts her practice till 9.30 am.  

When she was eight she started running, and today she is 87-year old.

Till date, Daisy has bagged total 414 medals in which 354 are gold medals.

The mother of six children has participated in 20 international, 36 national and 59 District level matches.

She shared with ‘The Hindu’ that each morning she packs her breakfast and even her coffee and leaves for the practice. her Schedule also involves visiting bank and post office before returning home to complete a few of her work. She also shared she never had any kind of sickness, not even headache ever.

In 1951, while working with Madras Telephones Daisy was granted time for 2-hour practice. She represented the organization and won the medal for every event. She got married in 1956 and within 10 years she had six children, but she never took any break.

She mentioned that she used to start practicing after a month of her delivery.

She is inspired by the very famous Milkha Singh. She shared that Milkha Singh motivated her to participate in the World Veteran Athletic Meets.

She is also thankful to her parents and husband for the journey of her success otherwise it would not have been possible as she added in her interview. 

Three years ago her husband passed away, that is why it was very difficult for her to cope up emotionally and stopped her participation in few of the events.

Her favorite events are triple jump and long jump and now focusing on the shot put and running.

She is a true inspiration for each one of us irrespective of the age, she is a true example that one should not give up and keep on going.