Evolution of Hindi Diwas
Hindi Diwas 2018 - PC : ohfact.com
India, known for its university and culture, has several different languages being spoken by 125 crore plus population. But Hindi language binds Indians with emotional cords. 

The language ignites a feeling of concern and belongingness. If we turn the pages of  History then we will find that Hindi got the status as the national language on September 14, 1949.

It was the year when the Indian Constitution was got its written form. All the members were present in the committee with mutual consideration and took the decision to make Hindi as India’s national language.

Let us trace the unknown facts about the Hindi language. 

India is also known as a multilingual country with major 22 languages and over 720 dialects. However, the question arises about what language we speak and the answer is always Hindi. 

Hind is a language which binds us with emotional cords. Spoken as the first language nearly by 425 million people and second language by around 120 million people  

On September 14, 1953, India celebrated its first Hindi Diwas and till now it is being celebrated as a festival every year.

Hindi Diwas is celebrated for a week to remember the famous scholars and writers who upgraded the standards of the language. 

During the Hindi Diwas week, many Hindi write-ups and famous scripts are written and uploaded to showcase some beautiful pieces of Hindi writing for the young generations to know and to celebrate the success of this language. 

Hindi Diwas is a medium to creatively and attractively put a glimpse of light on Hindi and carve its status in true means. It’s a way to give respect to our national language.  
There are a few people who are aware of it and even less who acknowledge it. 

The origin of Hindi has very strong roots but its usage in some of the parts of India is fading. Somehow the presence of English is dominating it in many corporate sectors.

It is flawlessly used in our normal conversations but losing its value in professional areas.