‘Hard Work And Focus - Success Mantra For Qualifying UPSC’
Inabat Khaliq - PC : caravandaily.com
With burgeoning youth population and cut-throat competition, cracking the UPSC exam is no mean feat. 

While some believe that only those having an excellent academic record can get into it, others say a long harboured dream, hard work and focus are the success mantras for qualifying India’s most coveted exam. 

Inabat Khaliq, who secured 370th rank in UPSC 2017 merit list, from Kashmir shares her preparation strategies.  

Excerpts from the interview: 

What is the secret behind your all-India 370th rank?
(Smiling) Success takes time. Some people get success fast. Some get success late.  I fall into the second category. I kept on trying. I failed to crack the exam in the first attempt. I cracked the exam in the fourth attempt and also again in the fifth attempt this time. My first preference is Foreign Service. Unfortunately, I will not get it this time. But try to get it in the next attempt. 

Telling us about your schooling days?
I am from Kashmir. I did my schooling from Mallinson Girls School, situated in the heart of Srinagar in Kashmir Valley. I wanted to pursue my graduation from Delhi University. But I did my graduation from Kashmir University. 

How did you prepare for UPSC exam?
Institution always plays a very important role in moulding the student. I give 100% credit to Zakat Foundation of India, Hamard and Jamia Millia Islamia for my success. These institutions provided me the proper environment and free UPSC coaching. I came to Delhi in 2013 and took coaching here. 

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Who is your source of inspiration?
I am interested in Foreign Services. There many people who inspired me. One of them is Nuprama Rao. See, we are civil servants. And civil servants are meant to solve the problem of the country. Indian Foreign Service officer represents India at international level. The officer can also be posted to Indian Consulates abroad. 

What is your message to UPSC aspirants? 
Don’t lose hope. I repeat again. Success takes time. Analyse your level of performance. Try to improve. Always think positive. Tell yourself you are capable. Be honest to yourself. 

Name: Inabat Khaliq

School: Mallinson Girls School

Achievement: She is among the few Kashmiri candidates who have not just cracked the UPSC exam but have done it with elan.

Rank: All-India 370th Rank