UPSC Aspirants Defied All Odds
Zakat Foundation of India
As the heroic tales of courage and determination spilled out, the applause got louder and the modest awardees humbly walked on to the stage to collect their certificates. 

Zakat Foundation of India (ZFI) saluted the young achievers, as they struggled against all odds to crack civil services exam. 

Let us hear the incredible stories of the bureaucrats who would be responsible for India's progress and development.  

Inabat Khaliq, ZFI fellow who qualified UPSC and secured 370th rank in the merit list, revealed how she set lofty goals and started to chase her dream. 

“I am grateful to my parents who had always supported me to achieve my goal. I came to Delhi in 2013. I stayed at a hostel and prepared for the UPSC exam. The initial days were difficult because my parents were not staying with me. But slowly I adjusted myself in the hostel environment,” she pointed out. 

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While 28 ZFI fellows made the cut in the civil services exam 2017, the students are offered free coaching for civil services exams at the Sir Syed Coaching and Guidance Centre under the parent organisation ZFI (a charity organisation). 

The wake-up call for the community came in the form of the Sachar Committee Report. 

“I am thankful to ZFI for supporting me,” Inabat added. 

Shaikh Salman, another ZFI fellow from Maharashtra, cracked the 2017 UPSC Civil Services and secured 339th rank. 

“We should always dream big and stay focussed.  I will serve people to the best of my abilities,” said Salman, a son of a farmer and an inspiration for UPSC aspirants from Mali village in Aurangabad’s Maharashtra Marathwada region, on the sidelines of the felicitation ceremony at a hotel in New Friend’s Colony.

“We select students after conducting an entrance exam. The selected students can attend classes anywhere. In Delhi, however, they can avail hostel facilities as well,” Syed Zafar Mahmood, chairman, ZFI. 

List of Successful ZFI fellows

Name                                    State

Imran Ahmed                        Uttar Pradesh
Asim Khan                             Uttar Pradesh
Syed Imran Masood              Uttar Pradesh
Ejaz Ahmed                           Uttar Pradesh
Md Shafiq                              Uttar Pradesh
Junaid Ahmed                       Uttar Pradesh
Syed Ali Abbas                      Uttar Pradesh
Dr Haaris Rashid                   Uttar Pradesh
Arif Khan                                Uttar Pradesh
Illma Afroz                              Uttar Pradesh
Dr Ibson Shah I                      Kerala
Ihjas Aslam CS                      Kerala
Shahid T Komnath                 Kerala
Amal Noushad S                    Kerala
Muhammad Shabeer K          Kerala
Anna Sosa Thomas               Kerala
Benson Ninan                        Kerala
Afsal Hameed                        Kerala
Atul Choudhary                      Jammu and Kashmir
Inabat Khaliq                          Jammu and Kashmir
Md Farooq                              Jammu and Kashmir
Nooh Siddiqui                         Maharashtra
Shaikh Salman                       Maharashtra
Md Nadeenuddin                    Karnataka
SaraiyaRizaz Bhai Rafi Bhai  Gujarat
Khalid Hussain                        Bihar