DUSU 2018: 1.5 Lakh Students to Decide the Fate of 23 Candidates  
Delhi University Students Council’s elections are being held today.

23 candidates from different colleges and student political parties are aiming for the four central panel seats.

Around 1 lakh students from more than 52 colleges are casting their votes.

Nearly 700 electronic voting machines (EVMs) have been installed for the same this year.

Promises this year include “thalis in Rs10, 50% student union budget on women and social justice, installation of CCTV and police booth in campuses by different student political parties”.

Every year Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) holds student elections which are fought keenly and enthusiastically with the flair of setting new goals and encountering new issues to be solved.

Many student political parties send multiple candidates to fight in the battlefield for different posts.

Know about DUSU.
Delhi University Students Union is a body that represents students from various colleges and faculties of Delhi University.

This union was build to give students the power to analyze and work for the betterment of the society through young ideas and enthusiasm.

They work for tackling the issues faced by the students on daily bases. DUSU provides a platform for the students who want to pursue their career in politics.
Each college has its own student union for which elections are held every year.

A DUSU election in terms of intensity and scale is one of the biggest and is one of the most democratic elections.

The elections are held through direct voting by students of DUSU affiliated colleges.

The Delhi University holds a long history of student politics and gives a candidate ample of opportunities and experience for the kind of work they will have to do in future.