CBSE 10th Result 2021: Know About Marks Tabulation Policy of Board with these Simple FAQs
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CBSE Class 10 board exams were cancelled due to the country's Covid-19 pandemic situation. The Central Board of Secondary Education announced a policy for mark tabulation earlier this month. The CBSE has issued Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the policy for tabulating marks for Class 10 board exams 2021 based on internal school assessments.

Let's take a look at the CBSE's FAQs on Class 10 Result Tabulation, which were recently updated on its website:

Ques. How will the CBSE announce the Class-X results?
Ans. The Class X Board results will be announced based on an objective criterion developed by the Board. CBSE/CE/2021 notification, dated May 1, 2021.

Ques. What recourse will CBSE provide to any candidate who is dissatisfied with the result declared based on the objective criterion?
Ans. Any candidate who is dissatisfied with the marks assigned will be given the opportunity to reappear in the CBSE exam, which will be held when the conditions are favourable.

Ques. Is the last date for uploading data 11.06.2021, or has it changed due to the cancellation of Class-X examinations?
The deadline for submitting data has been extended to June 30, 2021, according to a circular dated May 18, 2021.

Ques. Will the Board make available to the school a broad distribution of marks obtained by the school's students, subject by subject?
The Board will make available to the school the broad distribution of marks obtained by the school's students, subject-wise, in the school login account on the Board's website.

Ques. Will the CBSE provide an online service to assist schools?
To assist schools, CBSE will provide an online system through which schools can enter marks and check whether the marks assigned are consistent with the historical distribution.
If there is a mismatch, the Result Committee must revise the marks, as appropriate, using a consistent and objective criterion, which should also be documented in the Rationale Document.

Ques. How will schools assess students if a candidate does not appear in any assessment?
If a candidate does not appear in any of the school's assessments, the school may conduct an offline/online or telephonic one-on-one assessment and collect documentary evidence to certify the recommendations. The school may objectively assess the student on that basis using the maximum marks for each subject.

Ques. What schools must do if parents want to view the exam copies or verify the marks after the board results are announced?
For the current fiscal year, no such facility is available. Please carefully read the policy and notify the parents.

Ques. How will marks be awarded if the school conducted an internal assessment that was not in accordance with CBSE policy?
Once the Result Committee has finalised the marks based on tests/exams, it must ensure that the marks of students are aligned with the Board's broad distribution of marks.

Ques. What should you do if the maximum marks for the year-end theory exams are 30/50/70 rather than 80?
The marks may be calculated/reduced proportionally and awarded. Maximum Theory Marks can be double-checked before being calculated. 
As an example: In the year-end theory examination, a student received 25 out of 30 points. These grades would be converted as follows: 
(a) out of 50 = 25x50 = 1250/30 = 41.6642 
(b) out of 70 = 25x70 = 1750/30 = 58.3353 
(c) out of 80 = 25X80 = 2000/30 = 66.6667

Ques. How to compute the grade for a subject with a maximum grade of 50.
CBSE, on the other hand, has provided average marks for subjects with maximum marks of 80.
Assume a student received 56 out of 80 points. Now we must compute the marks for a subject with a maximum of 50 points.
As a result, Marks would be = 56X50=2800/80=35s.