Agnipath Recruitment scheme: IAF releases Note on Recruitment Provisions for Agniveers
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The Indian Air Force on Sunday, June 19,  released a note on the recruitment process via Agnipath scheme. Across several Indian states, there is a widespread protest demanding the repeal of the Agniveer Recruitment Scheme. The main reason behind these protests is the 4 years short-term contractual induction into the armed forces. Aspirants believe they are left with a cloud of insecurities about their future prospects after their discharge from the duty.


In its note released by the IAF, it has described Agnipath Recruitment as a new human resources management scheme for the armed forces where the recruits will be called Agniveer. Furthermore, the candidates enrolled in the force will be governed by the Air Force Act, 1950 for a period of four years. Here we have a list of all the important pointers mentioned in the note:


Eligibility Criteria:


As per the note, IAF mentions the eligibility criteria as 'All India' and 'All Class', meaning all citizens of India can apply to enrol as Agniveer.

The Age limit of the candidate applying for the Agnipath recruitment Scheme must be between 17.5 and 21.

For candidates below the age of 18, the enrolment form will have to be signed by the parents or guardians following the extant provisions. Other educational qualifications and physical standards would be later issued by IAF.



The Agniveer will be given training based on organizational requirements, meaning Agniver will be trained in only skills required for their post.

Medical and CSD (Canteen Stores Department) Facilities:


Agniveer will only be entitled to Medical facility at service Hospitals as well CSD provision only for the duration of the engagement.

Release At Own Request: 

The recruits are not permitted to request release for duty before completion of the engagement period except in exceptional cases, with the approval of the competent authority. 


Post the completion of 4 years of service, Angiver will be given an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the IAF in the regular cadre. Only up to 25% strength of a specific batch will be regular enrollment.

Salary and Fund

Agniveer will be paid a salary of 30,000 per month, out of which 30% of the monthly income will be deducated and contributed to the Agniveer Corpus Fund on which the government will provide interest equivalent to that of the Public Provident Fund. On completion of their engagement period, they can redeem the accumulated funds plus an equal contribution from the government. 

Although, Angiveer will not receive any kind of pension or gratuity from the IAF. 

Compensation for Death and Disability: 

In case of Death, the Next of Kin will receive compensation as per the terms of the IAF. Agiveer will receive up to an amount of 1 cr as insurance cover and ex-gratia along with the Seva Nidhi Fund and remainder salary for the remaining period of service.

For discharge from service because of disability, there are various provisions of compensation

The official detailed notification for the Agnipath Recruitment Scheme will be released in few weeks time for all the branches of the armed forces.