CAT 2018: Exam to be Conducted Tomorrow, Last Minute Preparation Tips

The examination for the Common Aptitude Test is scheduled to be on November 25, 2018 i.e. tomorrow.


Candidates must be on the last stage of preparation, going through all the notes and reaching to every detail.

At this point of time they are required to relax a little and should have confidence on whatever they have prepared till now.

Here are some tips the candidate must adhere to in order to score better in CAT Exam



A candidate now must be able to tell which portion they must revise more.

Before preparing for any examination planning is one of the most important thing to start with.

As planning helps you to have a rough idea of the things you need to go through and then keep a check on your progress.


Fewer Books


A candidate must keep in mind that too many cooks spoil the dish.

There is no need for you to take too many books and study from every books at this point of time.

You should only read some selective books for reference or instant clarification of doubts.

For understanding theories and covering most of the syllabus, NCERT books are the best. Try and go through it again.



Strength and Weakness


You are the best person to judge yourself. You must know your strength and weakness to make use of time wisely.

Knowing this you will be able to evaluate that there must be a subject you’ll be very confident about and there will be a subject you’ll be least confident about.

So you should prioritize your time time according to the level of confidence you have in any subject.


Try the Shortest Approach


You should try the shortest approach to any MCQ.

Time in any exam matters the most, if you can play well with time you’ll definitely score better.

To lessen the time per question, you must know the shorter approach to solve it.

Practicing a lot of mock tests would help you to thing faster and will also give you a exam like situation.

You can attempt at least 5-6 more questions correctly by saving time. It will lead to increase in at least 20 to 24 marks.

In CAT even a mark can change your position to a higher rank.


Stay Calm


This is the most helpful tip as it is very important for you to refresh your mind and relax a bit so that you dont have anxiety during examination.

Don’t be tensed , stay calm and be happy. Repeatedly tell this to your self. This will help you control your anxiety and make you more focused for your work.

Take every criticism positively and just think that “ I am going to give my best”.