Tips From The GATE Topper Ravi Shankar Mishra, On How To Smartly Crack The Exam
Shankar Mishra made headlines after he topped the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) twice.

In 2015, Mishra scored All India Rank 1 in mechanical engineering. Again in 2017, he achieved AIR 3 in computer science engineering.

After pursuing BTech course in mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur, Mishra switched to computer science engineering.

At the present, he is working as a research engineer in Microsoft India.  

Here is his important list of dos and don’ts that GATE aspirants can use:

Regular study
Regular study is a must as the GATE syllabus is vast. Make a study routine according to your convenience and stick to it.
Try to complete the syllabus and then revise it. Set targets everyday and try to achieve it.

Practising answer-writing
Practising answer-writing is a must, Don’t ignore it. Always remember practice makes a man perfect. Solve mock papers within a stipulated period of time. This will eliminate your exam phobia.

Always focus on scoring subjects. Maths is easy to score. Therefore, students should focus on it. This apart, topics such as  Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms are are relatively straightforward.

Important topics GATE aspirants should not miss:

(i) Operating System – Scheduling, Deadlock, Memory management
(iI) Theory Of Computation – Finite Automata, Context-Free Grammars, Type of language, Undecidable problems of language
(v) Database – Normalisation, SQL query
(vi) Digital logic – K maps
(vii) Computer networking – Application, Transport, Network layers

We all know the famous proverb 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. The same is applicable to GATE aspirants. Not only concentrate on your studies but also take a break. Rejuvenate during GATE preparation by listening to music, hang out with friends, etc.

Last, but not the least, always be positive. Determination and hard work should go simultaneously. Always be very optimistic and ignore disbelief. 

What is GATE?

GATE is an all India entrance Examination conducted jointly by IISc and seven IITs.
The scores or rank is used for admissions to Postgraduate Programmes (ME, M.Tech, MS, direct PhD) in IISc, IITs and other prestigious Institutes / Universities in India.

Note: The entire team of My Result Plus wishes best of luck to all the candidates appearing for GATE.