Skills of a good communicator
If you have the ability to communicate properly with seniors and clients, the doors of promotions are always open no matter which field you work in. Communication skills are not limited to face-to-face interaction. We have listed a few communication skills which everyone should work on.

•    Listening: No one wants to listen to you until you become a good listener yourself. Your boss, staff, and clients will feel much better and happy if you listen to them with full attention.

•    Non-verbal communication: Hand gestures, body language and eye contact defines the tone of the message you want to convey. Keep yourself calm during the conversation and make sure to notice the nonverbal signs of a person in front as well to understand the situation better.

•    Clarity of the concept: You should be precise in your conversation. Do not talk too little or too much. Keep it concise and crisp. This point matters in both face-to-face and mail-based conversation.

•    Confidence: It is always better to have confidence in yourself. However, it is also important not to go overboard. Believe in yourself but also make sure you do not commit a mistake.

•    Friendliness: There is always a doubt on how friendly you should get with the person in front. It mainly depends on the position of the person. The conversation should be personalized with co-workers and juniors while it should be highly professional with clients and seniors.

•    Respect: It comes with the note that if you respect others, they will respect you. No matter what position the person in front is on. You should always remain calm and respectful. Even while sending an email make sure to send a properly formatted mail as it shows how much respect you have for the person reading the email.

•    Feedback: Always be ready to give proper and genuine feedback. If you are on the receiving side it is very important not to lose your cool if the feedback is not good. Understand your position and try to improve.