Due to Error in Forms, Admission of Law Students Cancelled in Mumbai
Mumbai Law Colleges
Due to the wrong procedure of filling up the forms, admissions of the law students in Mumbai got canceled.

There was a stage of dilemma among the newly admitted law students whose admissions before the third round got canceled.

While filling the admission forms online the students made errors in filling their marks. Due to which their admissions were canceled and now the law aspirants will be placed at the bottom of the merit list in the third round that scored higher in the CET.

With this decision, the students with lower marks will stand a better chance over the ones who got higher marks but made a mistake, of choosing colleges in the third round.

It was earlier found by the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (CET) cell that many applicants had fed wrong marks in the application forms.
There are hundreds of students whose admissions got canceled.

The students are now expected to use the aggregate score of all the semester, as the university follows a credit-based grading system (CBGS) but only the final semester scores were fed by many of the students.

Not only marks but mistakes in filling their candidature type and category are also done by some students.
64 such cancellations in the first two rounds of admission were made in the Government Law College and around 40 cancellations in KC.
Now the seats will be vacant and will be available for students with lower CET scores as well in the third round.

According to AE Rayate, the commissioner CET cell, in Mumbai, many applicants from various colleges lost their admissions. “There were several students who approached the CET cell with complaints, we trying to figure out the problems and for that, all the principals of law colleges will hold a meeting on today and decision will be taken”, he said.