UP Board Result 2019: This is How You Can Overcome Your Stress 
UP Board Result 2019

UP Board Result 2019: Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Council (UPMSP) has confirmed the date for the announcement of the UP Board Result 2019 which is April 27, 2019. The result will be out at 12.30 noon tomorrow.

Decision, responsibility, maintaining reputation are few of the most common reasons that lead to stress building during student life.
This is always seen that whenever we take up responsibilities, stress follows.
Its a peak time for the students of UP Board as the results of their yearly hard work will be announced soon and as the backward counting has begun the stress level has increased a lot. 
But if a student learns to divert the stress, it will lead them to make better decisions.
Here are some stress busters that will help the students to relax and also make their minds peacefully.

#1. Visualization

Students should know that stress follows from deep thought about anything, so to stop the stress or to lessen it, start visualising totally opposite and positive to it. This makes you think of unusual things and relaxes your mind.

#2. Exercise 

Work out is a proven way of reducing stress. It helps your body and mind to get out of that stressful spur of the moment which might make you spoil the situation. Exercise brings the stress hormones under control and helps your body to feel better and mind relaxed. 

#3. Breath 

Whenever you start feeling tensed about anything, you must stop at a place, free your self from all imaginations running through your mind and breath slowly. This helps the most when you are somewhere out and surrounded with people.    

#4. Music 

The level of irritation increases with mental pressure and stress for which music is the best way to zone yourself out of the stressful world and escape from worries for a time being. Enthusiastic and positive music changes your mood and helps you work with a refreshed mind. 

#5. Organising 

Stress builds negative energy in you and that energy makes the situation worse.
The best thing to do at this time is to divert that energy to something useful like organising your table or cleaning your rooms etc. 
This will boost up your moral and relax your mind. 

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