Several schools put yoga in curriculum
Yoga is no longer only a traditional fitness workout. The age-old exercise has now entered schools too. Several institutions, irrespective of the curriculum they follow, have created space for the science of fitness in their busy timetable.

While some have included yoga in their curriculam, others are organizing sessions at regular intervals.

Schools say that this has helped increase children's concentration levels.

"Yoga classes are part of my school's curriculum now. Sessions are organized twice every week and each class is of 40 minutes duration. Children are taught by a qualified trainer. These sessions begin from class II and go on till class X. For younger kids, we have basic asanas, whereas children from higher classes are given breathing exercises and other postures," says Nigar Sultana, principal, Cambridge Public School.

Nigar says: "I decided to impart the goodness of yoga to kids after reaping its benefits myself. It boosts concentration. I have had cases of naughty kids who started concentrating in class after these sessions.".

The city schools have also come up with 'specialization' in yoga like other sports. "We have regular sessions of yoga, which happen twice a week. Apart from that, we have also incorporated yoga with other sports that are played in the school. This way, kids who want to practise it more and enjoy the exercise, can get themselves enrolled. When we started, we had only 20 students, but now the number has gone up to 80," says Mansoor Ali Khan, board member, Delhi Public School.

Some schools have these sessions for tiny tots too. "Yoga sessions in our school begin from class I . Even kids enjoy stretching themselves under various asanas. We brought in the sessions as yoga has this unmatched power of increasing concentration apart from physical fitness," said PS Khot, principal, New Horizon Gurukul School.