Get stylish hairdos during festive time
Grab attention during festive celebrations by trying easy-to-do yet chic hairdos like messy chignon, plaits and the vintage look.

Follow the steps suggested by Najeeb Ur Rehman of Schwarzkopf Professional India, to get the styles right:

- Plaits: Start by using a smoothening shampoo, and then prepare hair with a flattening spray and blow dry smooth to ensure hair is tangle-free. Leave a few strands of hair at the front then part the hair on one side and make two plaits from either side of the parting. Take each plait towards the back of the head until they meet near the nape area. Then tie the ends into a messy bun. Use a hairspray to complete the look.

- Messy chignon: Tie a ponytail and backcomb it loosely. Then use pins to fix the lengths of the ponytail back into the base to create the hairdo.

- Vintage updo: Wash the hair, and then apply volume cream and scrunch dry. While scrunching, keep your head upside down to make it look voluminous. Once hair dries up, backcomb the roots and twist hair at the back and pin into a messy French plait. Next, wrap a rolled up scarf behind the ears, over the crown and tie off to one side - leaving your fringe out. To finish, use hair spray.