Bang with friends will let facebookers have sex
Just when you thought that life on Facebook couldn’t get creepier, there comes an app that adds a whole new meaning to the word creepy.

The app, Bang with Friends, will let you connect with Facebook friends who are to use the app line ‘down for a bang’ and you can choose to message/connect with them to fix your time and place for a hookup. The app assures complete privacy to users.

According to this post on TheDailyBeast, which spoke to California-based creators of the app — three men that have kept their identities secret – the app has “mostly 20-something” user base, and has topped 30,000 users. They also claims that the app is registering five new users every minute.

So how does it work? Well, users sign in with Facebook, and the app shows you a list of friends and their photos and users have to click on the “Down to Bang” button next to the friend. If your friend is ready for Down to bang, then it will change to Awaiting Bang. The app assures users that it will notify both parties via email about their mutual interest.
Bang with Friends. Screengrab of app log in page.

The rest is up to to users, fixing time, meeting etc.  For now Bang With Friends is only for heterosexual users.

And how did the app creators come up with this genius idea. The Daily Beast quotes, “We’ll be honest with you, we made this in two hours… with a lot of Red Bull and vodka … and it took off on its own,” one of the creators said. “What we’re working on right now is building sexual preferences. I personally am completely towards gay rights. We want to give everyone this awesome access to finding people who want to bang.”

While some might find the idea of hooking up via Facebook so creepy, the fact that the app is generating so much interest is testament to shady uses of Facebook. Oh and the app makers are planning to create an iPhone app as well according to Mashable.