A fake Post Made 10 Lakh Candidates to Apply for CEO Position in Google
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Millions of young people dream of getting a job at Google. In such a situation if the advertisement for the job of the CEO of the same company released, it is imperative for the people to be happy and amazed. A website, which has made for job search worldwide, has issued a notice on LinkedIn.

It was reported to have been recruited to the position of Google CEO.

Later on, more than 10 lakh candidates from all over the world applied for this post. But their dream broke when they came to know that the post was fake.

At present Google CEO is Sundar Pichai. He is not even leaving his position. Why would the job get out for the same post? Let's tell you how its truth came out.

Professional networking site LinkedIn has about 63 million registered members from 200 countries. This big mistake was caught by Mitchell Resanders from the Netherlands and it was reported. Mitchell said that Google has posted on LinkedIn in relation to the job of CEO in the rank of CEO.

That too when Sundar Pichai is doing great work in Google. For the second time in the second quarter, Google has given the company a profit of millions of dollars. On this complaint, LinkedIn investigated the matter and told that due to security bug this misinformation was posted.
What does this security bug do?
LinkedIn told that they have fixed the bugs on the company's platform. Due to this bug, users can edit the jobs after the company posts them. No other job can be posted on the Business Page without any company's permission.

But this bug allowed any user to post jobs at the company's business page in LinkedIn. After that Google CEO's job was posted. These jobs posted by the user after these have popped up on Google.
This mistake was caused by a bug. But due to this, the expectations of those 10 million people were definitely broken, who had applied for it and were scared to become Google CEO.