US safest place for Indian students, no racism: Diplomat
Being a diverse country, the United States is the safest place for students, particularly from India, and there is no need for any fear about racism, a senior US diplomat today said.

People should not give ears or express concern over one or two very isolated incidents and conclude that students are being discriminated in US, Nelson Wu, Consular Manager in the US Consultate, Chennai, told reporters when asked about apprehension by the student community over racism.

“Actually, the universities in US are encouraging diversity and celebrating it across the nation. There is no need for any apprehension for Indian students on the issue of racism,” he said.

Nelson Wu, part of three-member consular information unit to conduct student outreach event for ''grade 10 and 11'' of the Camford International School here, said as far as safety was concerned, it was the safest place for the Indian students and there should not be any concern about that aspect.

To prove his point, he said at any given time over one lakh students from India are studying in the US, which is more than any country, next to China.

Earlier, he detailed the higher educational opportunities for the students and shared profiles of universities, schools and colleges, besides throwing light on process of obtaining students'' visa to that country.

Harvey Beasley and James S Manlowe, Vice-Consuls, said though the study in the US can provide amazing experience and skills to the aspiring student, they cannot guarantee jobs in India on the US degrees. However, the students can get jobs in US, if they continue to stay there, they said.