Aegis to create over 5,000 jobs in US
Essar-owned Aegis, a global outsourcing and technology services company, today said it plans to create more than 5,000 jobs at its centres in the US over the next four months.

"We have expanded our engagements with existing clients, which will result in our hiring of more than 5,000 people. This hiring will take place in all US cities, in which we have operations," Aegis global chief executive Sandip Sen said in a release here.

In 2011, the company had joined the jobs4america Coalition and pledged to hire more than 4,000 workers in the US over the next two years, he said, adding Aegis have already accomplished this goal.

"In addition to creating these jobs, we are creating opportunities at many levels in our organization," he said.

The new hiring, in both temporary as well as permanent positions, will take place over the next four months in healthcare vertical, the release said.

Responsibilities of these positions will include presenting the options available to consumers so that they can make informed decisions regarding their healthcare.

Bilingual (English and Spanish) candidates as well as individuals with fluency in Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean languages will be encouraged, it said.

Aegis, founded 30 years ago in the US, has operations in 56 locations across 13 countries with more than 55,000 employees.

The company services over 300 clients from verticals like banking and financial services, insurance, technology, telecom, healthcare, travel and hospitality, consumer goods, retail and energy and utilities.