UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2019: Check Last Minute Preparation Tips
UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2019 - PC :

UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2019 update: Stress is one of the prominent factors which can affect your result other than preparation. No matter you have studied for 15 hours daily before the examination but if you are stressed out days before the exam, you can't give your 100 percent. Though the questions are common to pop in the head like how would I perform in the exam? What if I would have not the answer to the questions? Whether or not I will be able to attempt all the questions? But with a cool mind, you will ace the examination.

And how can you keep calm? The tips are provided below.
Before stress and fear play a spoilsport, look at the article to know the stress buster tips to overcome exam fear before one night.
• Clear off the dust
Revise all the important topics, notes, mock tests and study material in last one week so that you can memorize everything that you have learned throughout the preparation.
• Welcome winning thoughts
One night before the exam is considered to be the most crucial period. Repeat it in your head that you will pass the exam as many times as you can remembering the fact that hard work pays off.
• Visualize positivity
Feed it in your mind that it is time to reap the seeds that you are constantly sowing from the past few months. So, instead of panicking, believe in yourself that you are about to reach the destination.
• Avoid toxic people
We all know that negative people influence our thoughts. Sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly, we give them the authority to create a fuzz in our mind. Never allow negative people to affect your peace of mind.
• Have a word with your go-to person
We all have that one person who listens to us patiently and guides us when we lose hope. Hence, having a conversation with the person who has the ability to fill yourself up with positivity will help you to yield the fruitful outcome.
• Immerse yourself in an activity
It's obvious that you are aware of which activity can cause your stress nerves to calm down. Though it might be sketching, playing guitar, writing your thoughts on paper or dancing, try to kick off the stress by keeping your mind occupied in other things.
• Listen to Music
However, you may curse me that how can one suggest listening to music days before the examination but believe, music has the magic that relieves stress.
• Get plenty of sleep
Do not stay awake in the nights. Allow yourself a decent amount of sleep before your exams, so as to concentrate well. Sleep deprivation can lead to loss of memory.
• Eat healthy
Remember to eat healthy. Sometimes stress and anxiety lead to loss of appetite or excess of it; both are unhealthy. Eat well to maintain a balance in your diet so that you can think well.
• Online games
Candy Crush? Temple Run? PUBG? Whatever you like, play and enjoy a round of your favourite mobile game! Remember, try this just to refresh yourself not for wasting too much time in it.
• Make A Phone Call
Give your mom, BFF, or whoever else can make you laugh a quick phone call. It's a simple and pleasant distraction — just don't chat for too long!