UP Board 2019 Class 10: Practice Questions for English Grammar
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UP Board Class 10th English Grammar: Practice Papers are being provided here for a thorough revision. English is one of the most important subjects for class 10th students of UP. Therefore, students should prepare this for sure. The practice paper is given here which is very useful for students of the UP Board of Examination, Class 10th.

The sample paper is especially being prepared for the students by the in-house experts. Practising these questions will hopefully give a positive result.

Instructions: Frame a correct sentence by reordering the words in a proper manner.

Q1. Respect our should we great for have teachers.
Ans. We should have great respect for our teachers.

Q2. Fit excercise keeps us regular.
Ans. Regular exercise keeps us fit.

Q3. Me my birthday gift sent brother a on to my.
Ans. My brother sent me a birthday gift on my birthday.

Q4. River enjoys swimming in the she.
Ans. She enjoys swimming in the river.

Q5. Waste work goes never hard.
Ans. Hard work never goes waste.

Q6. To his go village foot on I.
Ans. I go on foot to his village.

Q7. Two days have travelling they for been.
Ans. They have been travelling for two days.

Q8. We honour him and love for both.
Ans. We both love and honour him.

Q9. He was Sunday out from Saturday to tour a on.
Ans. He was on a tour from Sunday to Saturday.

Q10. Something to please give eat him. 
Ans. Please give him something to eat. 

Instructions: Change the sentences into other forms as mentioned.

Sentence: Sunil goes for a morning walk daily. (Negative)
Negative: Sunil does not go for a morning walk daily.

Sentence: I know him very well. (Passive)
Passive: He is known to me very well.

Sentence: She prays to God twice daily. (Interrogative)
Interrogative: Does she pray to God twice daily?

Sentence: What a shame! (Assertive)
Assertive: It is a great shame.

Sentence: This girl is very naughty. (Exclamatory)
Exclamatory: How beautiful the girl is!