UP Board 2020: Latest Exam Pattern & Syllabus for Computer Science Class 10
UP BOARD 2020 - PC : Self

The preparations for the UP Board exam are getting more serious as the exam dates are coming closer.

For the students who will be appearing for the board exam for the first time will be a bit nervous and uncertain about the type of questions that might come for the exam.

The UP Board Examination 2020 is to begin from February 18, 2020, for Class 10.
Here is the exam pattern and syllabus for Class 10 Computer Science.

UP Board 2020: Exam Pattern 

Total Number of Marks: 100 Marks 
Theory (Written Examination): 70 Marks 
Practicals/ Project Work: 30 Marks 

Time Duration: 3 Hours 

UP Board Class 10 Syllabus 2020 for Computer Science




Computer and communication

  • Primary communication model (center, receiver, media, and protocol)

  • Types of communication

  • Communications Media, (Wire, Wireless)

  • Simples & Full Duplex

  • Network-LAN and vans

  • Internet


Linux operating system

  • Advance Faxes / FEATURES

  • Command Line Interface & Graphic Uses Interface

  • File search, text search

  • Messaging Over LAN (LAN)

  • Text processing command (cat, grape, etc.)

  • Viii text editor

  • Introduction to Linux Desktop

  • Security arrangements and their nature in Linux


Binary Semantic and Logic Gates

  • Kits, nibbles, bytes, word length, career representations

  • ASCII Character Codes

  • Simple Binary Arithmetic (Addition, Subtract, Multiply, Partition)

  • Computer Logic, Boolean Operations

  • Logical operators (NOT, AND, OR, NOR, NAND, and its Truth table)


Advanced programming in C

  • Subscript variables (ARRAYS)

  • introduction

  • Single and Double Subscripted Variables

  • Searching and Surveying


Arrays and String

  • Faxes and subroutines

  • Library Functions

  • String Manipulation

  • String functions (Instructions for the mutual conversion of numbers and strings)

  • Concatenation (adding desired letters to any word)


File operations

  • Using Sequential Files

  • Using Random Files


Experimental and internal assessment