UP Board 2019 Tips While Attempting an Examination
There is no shortcut which can make a person successful. One needs to practice and keep on polishing his/ her skills to achieve the desired goal. Also, there are some of the practices which you can somewhere help you to give the exam to bring out results with flying colours.

With most of us stay prepared with the subject to take up in an examination, still, we lack behind while attempting the exam. Some common malpractices should be immediately done away with are:

Read question paper:
As soon as you get the question paper, just go through it very carefully. Read all the instructions. Analyse which section of the question paper you can complete first and confidently. Prioritize the sections of the question paper start writing the exam after you read it carefully.

Confidence is important:
While attempting a test exam, it is highly advisable to attempt those questions you are confident of. This ensures that you have timely secured those marks which you are prepared for. You may attempt other questions after completing all the questions you know well.

Time Management:
It is extremely crucial to managing time. While attempting mock tests, one must stick to the deadlines and should attempt questions within the stipulated time frame. This gives you an upper hand as to how much time would typical questions demand. And keep eye on the clock and try not to rush while giving exams.

Try to attempt long questions first. Mostly, time gets over when you start attempting long answers because we try to keep it for the last. Always try to attempt those questions first which are going to be lengthy. Also, keep word limit in mind. If the word limit is mentioned in any question try to complete your answer within a word-count, try not to exceed it more than 10 to 15 words.