UP Board 2019 Class 12: Economics Model Paper, Solve to Know Your Preparation Level
UP Board 2019
UP Board 2019: The time clock for the up board examination has started backward and there are only four weeks left for the examination.   

At this time students are rushing to do as many preparations as they can.

The test always helps you analyze at what level you are and how much you need to prepare more.
Here are the questions for Economics which will help you check your level of preparations in the subject.

Q1. The exchanges done through the use of money is called -
a. Commodity Exchange
b. Direct Exchange
c. Buy - Sell
d. All of these
Q2. Which country is the biggest foreign trade partner of India?
a. America
b. China
c. Japan
d. France
Q3. When Marginal Cost decreases, Average cost-
a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Constant
d. None of these
Q4. Wages are the cost of labor. This statement is said by-
a. Marshall
b. Recardo
c. Jenans
d. Malthas
Q5. What is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
Q6. What are the two adverse effects of rapid population growth?
Q7. Describe the relationship between industry and firm in the state of Perfect Competition with the help of a diagram.
   Explain the situation of Profit and loss In case of Imperfect competition for the short term period with the help of a diagram.
Q8. Find the arithmetic mean from the following table:
                    Marks                                 No. of Students
                     0-10                    -                    05
                    10-20                   -                    07
                    20-30                   -                    12
                    30-40                   -                    14
                    40-50                   -                    15
                    50-60                   -                    20
                    60-70                   -                    17
                    70-80                   -                    10
   Find the Median from the given frequency chart:
                      Units                                   Frequency
                       0-5                    -                    02
                      5-10                   -                    06
                     10-15                  -                   10
                     15-20                  -                   15
                     20-25                  -                   22
                     25-30                  -                   20
                     30-35                  -                   17
                     35-40                  -                   09
                     40-45                  -                   06
                     45-50                  -                    03
Q9. What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative instruments of monetary policy? Explain any two points from each group and their impacts.
Q10. Assuming that increase in Investment is Rs. 4,000 crore and MPC is 0.60. Explain the working of multiplier.