UP Board 2019: 7800 Students Skip the Board Exam Due to Fear of CCTV   
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The news of CCTV cameras in the Board examination hall has lead to a great impact on the students.

The fear has grown up to a level where the students are considering leaving the examination than attempting it.  

The main board of high school and intermediate examination of the UP board began on Tuesday i.e. February 7, 2019.
According to a report of Amar Ujala due to the fear of the voice recorder CCTV cameras, 7800 students left the main examination in centers of Kanpur.

On the other hand, the CCTV cameras also highlighted the carelessness of the department.
Where nearly 30 percent of cell inspector remained absent and there was also a lack of B-copies.

Due to the immense fear of CCTV cameras, the examinees did not even bother to turn their head.
However, it was a big relief for the students after going through the question paper as the level of the paper was easy to their expectations.

Even the teachers of the schools visited the different centres and checked the papers of the students.
Where on one hand the students were happy with the paper, on the other hand, the cell inspectors remained absent in most of the centers and the lack of B-copies was bothersome to the students.

DIOS, Satish Tiwari visited nearly eight centers in both the shifts, in which according to him everything was normal. DIOS said that the voice recorder cameras are proving to be of advantage as not only the students were affected by the cameras but also the fear was reflected on the teachers.

In the first shift, 4418 out of 51761 candidates registered in High School, left the examination.
At the same time, 30 of the 546 students registered in the Intermediate Business School exams left the examinations. Out of the 47854 examinations conducted in

Intermediate Hindi examination conducted in the second shift, 3352 examiners left the examination.
According to the report, the examination was easy still there were a lot of students who dropped out of the examination due to the fear of cameras.