UP Board 2018: Tips For Making Notes Like Toppers
Making notes is one of the effective ways to study. How to make the notes like a topper? Don’t worry.  The ideas for making notes are discussed below.

Notebook For Classroom 
Some students depend so much on self-studies that they ignore what is told in the class. A separate notebook for classroom should be there to make classroom notes which can be combined while making your own notes. The teacher often tells in the class what is important and must be studied well out of his experience, which the students ignore at times.  

Try to explain the concept using graphs and charts wherever applicable. This is one terse way to explain the concept and will remain in your memory for a longer time too. Pie charts, bar charts and many more options can be applied in many subjects like mathematics, statistics, theory subjects denoting a study or a survey etc. 

A variety of colors is known to create a better visual and a better remembrance. It also makes the notes attractive and eye-catching which reduces the boredom. Use a highlighter to highlight important concepts or headings or a subheading. 

Some students end up making the notes extremely lengthy. Notes are meant to highlight only important concepts. If the notes are too lengthy, you will lose out the essence of it. Make pointers, and explain the topics in precise way which can be detailed later while writing the exams. 

Do not forget to make an index. This will help you reach the chapter you are looking for in a lesser time. For example, you want to straight away go to chapter “X”, you don’t have to shuffle the pages looking for it if you have its page number mentioned in the index. This will help you save your time.