Himachal Pradesh Government Announced New Guidelines for Class 10, 12 Students
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In Himachal Pradesh, government school students of class 10 and 12 will have Pre-Board exams from now onwards. The Directorate of higher education has taken this decision to improve the result of the State School Education Board’s examination.

The SCERT Solan will conduct pre-board examination for class 10 and 12 students, in the month of February and November. Higher Education Director Dr Amarjit Sharma said that on Monday the guideline has been issued to all the district sub-director and district project officers.

Now, apart from the main examination, class 9 to 12 students have to give a test of 50-50 marks in four months. These tests will be conducted in May/June, July/August, September and October. The record of two examination and 4 tests will be prepared at the School, District and State level.

On the fourth Saturday of ‘Bag Free Day’, Quiz Competitions will be held in schools. Students who score more than 75% marks in tests, Examinations and quiz competitions, will be honoured. The experience of topper student will be shared in other schools also.

The topper student of School level will be honoured in prayer ground of schools and at the Block level also. The teachers who will give great results will also be honoured. Extra classes will also take place for the students who have scored less than 45% marks.

The directorate has also ordered the principals and teachers to classify the year’s studies in four parts and made necessary to use teacher diary.

Reduction of 8% in Class 12 results
As compared to last year, in the year 2018-19, 8% of reductions in results of class 12 were recorded. This year’s examination result of class 12 is 62.01%, last year it was 70.18%.
The result of class 10 is 60.79% this year but last year it was 63.39%.  In 2019, the result of Private schools in class 10 is 80% and 55% of Government schools.