Smart Ways To Crack Government Job Exams
Government 2018

Around Lakhs and Lakhs  students apply for the government jobs every year.


But not as many students get through the exams for the jobs.

The reason for this can be listed many, but the most common reason is preparation.


While preparing for the government exams, there are always some loopholes which deprive the candidates from getting through the examination.


But every thing can be handled well if these shortcomings can be overcome.


There are many ways which we can use to get through the hurdle of examination and can grab hold of our desired jobs.


1. Planning


Before preparing for any examination, planning is one of the most important thing to start with.

As planning helps you to have a rough idea of the things you need to go through and then keep a check on your progress.



2. Priority



While you are making a plan, you will find out that there are many subjects which will be a part of the two sections of the exam.

Knowing this you will be able to evaluate that there must be a subject you’ll be very confident about and there will be a subject you’ll be least confident about.

So you should prioritize your time time according to the level of confidence you have in any subject.

For an instance you are confident about English, so you must devote less time in it according to Maths.



3. Punctuality


It is always said that time is your best friend and on the other hand it is also your biggest enemy.

You should plan out your studies according to timely schedules every day.

Make sure you cover every subject in a day and for this you should know time management.


4. Productivity


Once you start gearing up on your daily routine, you should always make sure to keep a check on yourself that whatever you have learned or read about till now, are you able to recall it, is it of any benefit to you.

For this you should always keep previous year question papers and some sample papers handy with you.

So that you always keep yourself on a test mode and whatever you prepare is exam worthy.

5. Polishing


As you must be having a regularized schedule for the preparation, you should make sure that if not the whole thing you should at least revise the important points of the previous notes you read.

This will help you remember easily as repeating helps you to recall.


6. Place


If you have ever noticed we are habitual of a particular place and work designated to it.

The efficiency of work we do in office is always less at home.

So we need a particular atmosphere for a particular work, accordingly we should always have a dedicated place which we should use while preparing for the exam a place where there is no distraction such as your mobile phones, it should be the first thing that is to be prohibited at your study area.


7. Promise

Before doing any of the above you should first promise yourself that during this period of preparation, you will take good care of yourself not only mentally but also physically.

Make a note that if your body is not health your mind will not be refreshed.

For this you should go on a walk, do some physical activities and keep yourself fit.

These are the 7 Ps you should follow to get a better result for your examination.

These are just the guidelines your success depends on your hard work which you aware has no shortcut.