Changes In UP Board Exam Pattern Over The Years

Over the years, the UP board exam pattern has undergone a number of changes. The Uttar Pradesh government is mulling significant changes to the state’s education system. 

If media reports are to be believed then UP government has decided to introduce the NCERT pattern in examinations conducted by the UP Board to bring government school students on par with those in the CBSE-affiliated institutions.

Let’s review some of the major changes 

The State government has approved the UP Board’s plan to introduce Vedic Mathematics as an optional subject for classes IX to XII. The students will learn Vedic Mathematics from the upcoming academic session. 

The UP Board has removed Elementary Mathematics from High School Syllabus. The change in the syllabus has been brought about as a result of the implementation of NCERT syllabus for the board students.

To stop mass cheating during board exam, the UP government installed CCTV cameras at all government schools across the state. The decision comes following mass cheating reports during UP Board Exam 2017. While the class X English exam was cancelled last year, the question paper was reportedly circulated via WhatsApp.

Implication of the changes

Following the installation of CCTV cameras at exam centres, 10 lakh students skipped UP board exam this year.