CBSE Class 10 Boards: Social Science Paper Had Repeated Question

This year CBSE board exam are abuzz with various news of malpractices and wrong management from across the country. The incidents like cheating, papers leaked cases or the questions in the exam which are very difficult and above the level of the standard of a student, i.e. class 10th or 12th.                                    

The another recent incident was the Class 10 social science board exam paper, that had a three mark question which got repeated twice putting students in to doubt.

According to a TOI report, schools said that since neither of the question was optional, students wrote the answer could easily obtain bonus three marks. However, for students who didn't know the answer, it would mean a six mark loss for them instead of three.

A school principal said, "Set number 3 of the Social Science paper sprung a huge surprise. Question Nos 9 and 20 were the same, word for word. It was literally a copy and paste job. It is very surprising that such an error went unnoticed by the authorities."

Another principal said this was a "clerical" error and hence all the more shocking. "While it is no excuse, genuine errors will continue to happen. Questions that are not part of the syllabus may find their way into paper or a higher level question making it through is part and parcel of the examination process. But how can the same question be repeated even after that level of scrutiny," she asked.

Series of problems the board exams are facing really bothering CBSE principals this time. First to come under the public glare was the extremely lengthy and "tough" maths paper of Class 12. Parents and students started an online petition urging CBSE to show leniency in marking the paper.