CBSE Board Exams 2018: Special Notice for Candidates Suffering From Sudden Illness
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notice on a candidates suffering from sudden illness.

It notifies that: Conveying the amended rule position 25(i) and (ii) of the exam. Bye Laws. Following RIDERS shall apply for use and appointment of scribe in case of “On sudden illness rendering the candidate unable to write as certified by a Medical Officer of rank not lower than ASST. Surgeon” and “an accident rendering the candidate unable to write the exam as certified by a medical officer of the rank not lower than ASST. surgeon.

1. Scribe in mentioned cases will be provided by Superintendent of the exam centre.

2. CS shall ensure to provide a scribe who must be a student of class lower than the one for which the candidate is taking the exam.

3. Services of the scribe shall be provided free of cost

4. Additional time as mentioned may be considered as per specific recommendation of the Medical Officer as per actual need.

5. CS shall arrange a suitable room for such candidate availing scribe and appoint one special assistant superintendent to supervise his/her exam.

For other category of candidates under CWSN would remain the same as notified in the notification ibid.

Principal of the school concerned shall ensure extreme care in recommending such cases.