CBSE Board Exam 2018:  Tips To Score More Than 90% In Mathematics
CBSE Board Exam 2018 - PC : SAT Singapore
 Most of the students feel uncomfortable even thinking about Mathematics. You can memorize the history and geography but it is next to impossible to memorize everything about Mathematics. You have to understand facts, formulae, concepts and methods of solving a different kind of problems. To help you out, we have listed 5 strategies to score more than 90% in CBSE class X board Mathematics exam.

NCERT books
Do not think for a second that NCERT books will not suffice. In any circumstances, if you want to get a good percentage, you have to study from these books. Maximum of the exam material comes from NCERT books so you can understand its importance.

Make a schedule from the beginning
The main issue with most of the students is that they do not schedule their subjects in the beginning. Most of the students start preparing for final exams only after December which is wrong. 

Minimum 8-hour sleep and healthy food are very important for the fully functional brain. Do not live on junk food and prefer to take as many nutrients as possible as per your age requirement.

Formulae chart
Make a small chart of all the important formulae and always keep it with you. Read them every once in a while during the day.

Get old exam papers, use special mock tests etc. to practice your calculation skills. Check for the long questions in the old papers and practice on them as they carry maximum marks.