CBSE 12th Term 2 Exam: Brush Up On Core Subjects This Way, Details Here
CBSE Term 2 Exam: Preparation Tips - PC : My Result Plus
CBSE 12th Term 2 exam: The CBSE Class 10 and 12 students have switched to the revision mode as the CBSE Term 2 board exams 2022 are round the corner. While revising, it is of immense importance for the students to be equanimous and cover the remaining chapters/topics without entering into a state of panic.

Needless to say that no portion should be left unprepared and uncovered, an in-depth read through the NCERT books is the topmost priority, as far as the CBSE Term 2 exams are concerned. After covering the entire syllabus, one can hone their analytical skills and conceptual understanding by regularly solving the board sample papers for every subject. The best dose for training the mind are the mixed-bag questions.

To develop comprehensive understanding, the best deal is to begin revising with the help of one's own notes. Another benefit of this practice is that it enables the student to write the answer with a logical flow, which proves as a score-booster. As the Term 2 exams are being held in a subjective pattern, clarity and precision are the need of the hour and the answers need to be laced with the same to end up with a decent score.

Going by a proper routine and balancing the relaxation time with the time dedicated to studies will play a pivotal role in deciding the students' performance in the exams. Late night studies still remain a red flag for students, as they are known to upset the biological clock, which obstructs the student from performing at his/her best during the examination hours.

The final tips encompass practicing a healthy lifestyle and adhering to Covid-appropriate behaviour to safeguard yourself and others from Covid infections.