SSC CGL Will Qualify You for These 10  Famous Jobs
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Staff Selection Commission or SSC is the authority to organize the Combined Level Graduate Exam (CGL) a competitive examination. Through CGL examination, SSC offers aspirants a chance to be employed at Group B and Group C positions in various ministries, government departments and offices in India. 

To choose among various job options make SSC CGL Exam a favourite among the aspiring candidates. However, these various job profiles leave aspirants in confusion about the posts under SSC CGL Exam. Which job profile will be suitable to them according to their interests and academic studies

So to avoid the confusion we have compiled a list of various posts available and the job profiles of 10 most favoured posts under SSC CGL Recruitment Exam. Here you can get the detailed list:

1. Assistant Audit Officer [Indian Audit and Accounts Dept. under CAG]

The duty of an Assistant Audit Officer (AAO) is to conduct the auditing of the accounts of Central and State governments and Public sector companies. The Audit Officer/Sr. Audit officer conduct audits (financial, performance, compliance) of any specific department with the help of AAO.

The Grade Pay of AAO is - 4800.

2. Inspector (Examiner) [CBEC]

The job profile of the Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) officer is limited and work within a department. A CBEC officer examins whether appropriate taxes have been levied on goods moving in and out of the port. While the work location of a CBEC officer is mostly in coastal regions.

The Grade Pay of CBEC officer is – 4600

3. Inspector of Income Tax [CBDT]

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) is a Garde 'C' post. It works within a department and could involve a little bit of travelling locally. The work of a CBDT Officer is to assess, verify, and process IT records of individuals and business concerns in its region.SSC conducts the recruitment of CBDT officer at a large number.

The Grade Pay of CBDT officer  is – 4600

4. Inspector (Preventive Officer) [CBEC]

The work of a Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) department officer is to prevent malpractice i.e., the corrupt practice of moving goods from one city, state or country to another. The CBEC officer will be in charge of gathering information and acting based on that info. 
The job location is mostly in cities that have ports/airports such as Chennai, Cochin, Kolkatta and Mumbai.
SSC generally releases high no. of vacancies for the recruitment of CBEC officer.

The Grade Pay of CBEC officer is – 4600. 

5. Inspector (Central Excise) [CBEC]

The work profile of this officer is to inspect the taxes/returns filed by companies. The Central Excise Inspector is responsible to verify the correctness of claims submitted, processing the data, and overall records maintained under the purview of the Central Board of Excise & Customs (CBEC) department.SSC conducts the recruitment of CBEC Central Excise officer at large number.

The Grade Pay of CBEC Central Excise officer is - 4600

6. Assistant (Ministry of External Affairs)

The possibility of foreign posting is high for an assistant posted in the external affairs ministry. The work profile of an assistant is to do administration work such as compiling reports, sending emails, making calls, updating the events, and maintaining the files and bookkeeping. Since India has its embassy/consulate in many countries. So an aspirant can get posted either in India or outside India.

The Grade Pay of Assistant in the Ministry of External Affairs – 4600

7. Assistant Enforcement Officer [Directorate of Enforcement, Department of Revenue]

The job profile of Assistant Enforcement Officer is similar to that of an inspector job. The duty involves inspecting, preventing and arresting those who engaged in money laundering and forgery. Posting will be in enforcement directorate offices located at various cities in India only.

The Grade Pay of Assistant Enforcement Officer is – 4600

8. Assistant [Central Vigilance Commission]

Central Vigilance Commission is an autonomous body, responsible for monitoring all vigilance activities under the union government. Its major role is to recommend government agencies in “planning, executing, reviewing and reforming” their vigilance capability. 
The work of a CVC Assistant is to update the case files, liaison with the respective departments. and collect the required info, record keeping and performing duties as laid by the rules.
SSC generally releases high no. of vacancies for the recruitment of CVC Assistant officer.

The Grade Pay of CVC Assistant is – 4600

9. Assistant [Ministry of Railways]

The job of an Assistant in the Ministry of Railways is mostly a clerical job. In terms of grade, it is above the upper division clerk (LDC). It is one of the most favoured posts. An Assistant in the Ministry of Railways required to complete important official documents, files, and reports. They get very good perks such as free and discounted railway passes for travelling anywhere in India.

The Grade Pay of Assistant in Ministry of Railways is – 4600

10. Sub Inspector [Central Bureau of Narcotics]

The job profile of Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Narcotics requires frequent travels to ensure that no narcotic drugs enter the state border. 
The work is similar to that of an inspector expect the CBN Sub Inspector has to do more of fieldwork than Inspector.
SSC conducts recruitment for Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Narcotics on a high scale.

The Grade Pay of Sub Inspector in Central Bureau of Narcotics is – 4600

Aspirants should also know that there are 30 posts under SSC CGL Exam. We have provided you with a list of some most favoured job in SSC CGL Exam.

For more details, the aspirant should visit the websites of the specific departments. 

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