NEET Exam Row: Delhi investigation with burnt question paper and booklet Number, Re-exam fate depends on NTA
NEET Results 2024 Controversy - PC : MRP Graphics

NEET 2024: In the NEET paper leak case, Bihar Police's team is now searching for the mastermind. The police claim that connections have been found between the constable recruitment, teacher recruitment, and NEET paper leak cases. 


The investigating agency has briefed NTA and Ministry of Education officials about the entire case progress so far. According to sources, NTA will decide whether to cancel the examination based on this investigation report. 


Meanwhile, the police have seized a burnt question paper and booklet number 6136488, allegedly from a Hazaribagh center. The claim is that this booklet belongs to a worker at Nalanda Mahavidyalaya, Sanjeev Mukhiya, identified as a key figure in the paper leak gang during the ongoing investigation.


Sanjeev was sent a question paper by a professor via WhatsApp. Police have intensified the search for Sanjeev. It is alleged that a professor sent Sanjeev a question paper via WhatsApp, which was solved with the help of medical students from Patna and Ranchi. Subsequently, on the morning of May 5th, the answer was sent to Baldev's mobile in Karapur-Suray. With Chindu's help, Pintu printed it. 


Afterward, about 20-25 candidates were sent to a play school in Patna to memorize the questions and answers. Police conducted a raid in Ekangarsarai block and took a person into custody for questioning.


Fearing arrest, Sanjeev Mukhiya has gone into hiding. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Vijay Sinha had recommended the detention of Anurag, the nephew of suspended junior engineer Sikandar Yadavendu, on the advice of opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav's PM Pritam Kumar. 


Since then, the case has taken a new turn. However, Bihar Police's investigation team may also question Pritam in connection with the case. 


Additionally, the investigating agency has sent a notice to Nalanda Police to arrest Sanjeev Mukhiya. Nalanda Police raided Sanjeev Mukhiya's house, but he was on the run. Besides Sanjeev, police are also conducting raids to find Rakesh Ranjan, Chindu, Pintu, Ashutosh, and several others.