Delhi School Reopen: Students Excited, Parents Worried for Offline Classes
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All schools in Delhi closed due to pollution will reopen from Monday, 29th November. The Directorate of Education has issued a circular on Saturday in the names of all government, private, government-aided, NDMC, and Delhi Cantt Board schools. It has been said that all parents, students, teachers, SSC members should be informed that schools will open for all classes from Monday.

The Education Minister of Delhi,  Manish Sisodia has also tweeted about this matter. Messages are being sent to the parents and in view of the situation of pollution, many schools are appealing to the parents not to send the child if he has any health-related problem at this time. Schools will have to ensure that the COVID-19 guidelines are strictly followed. The students must note that online classes will also be running along with offline classes. 

Parents are also still worried about sending back children, especially young children, to schools closed due to first COVID-19 and then air pollution. Apart from this, the decision on starting the busses has not been taken yet. Transport has not yet been arranged by the schools. However, the schools are happy with the decision. The mid-term exams of classes 9 and 11 are starting from 1st December in government schools. Also, the first term of board examination for classes 10 and 12 is starting from 30th December in all schools. 

As per the official statements from the private schools, from November 1, ever since the schools opened, children started coming to school gradually. Bharat Arora, general secretary of the Action Committee on Unaided Schools, says, “All stakeholders are now ready to open the school safely to children. Most of the schools in our organization for transportation and other affiliated organizations have taken consent from the parents. Even before pollution, there was good attendance even in remote schools.