Survey confirms, Facebook affects your career
The digital world is influencing career graphs as firms embrace technology and turn to specialised job searches and social media platforms to aid in recruitment, a survey by HeadHonchos said.

About 89 per cent of the professionals surveyed are of the view that social profiles are "important" for their careers, according to a snap poll conducted by the job and career portal.

Just over 49 per cent agreed that profiles on online platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or even a personal blog, are "very important" for one's career.

"The digital world offers a perfect opportunity to project your image to influencers and gives candidates an outreach that they have not had before," said HeadHonchos CEO Uday Sodhi.

Social media has emerged as an important platform for personal branding, Sodhi said.

During the hiring process, a strong social presence can tilt the balance in an applicant's favour, especially at senior levels, where reputation and stature are often reflected in the social profile, he added.

About 40 per cent of the participants in the poll believe their social profiles are "somewhat important" for career progression, although not a make or break factor, the survey showed.

Only 11 per cent of those surveyed indicated that their social profile is "not important" for careers.

The online snap poll had a sample size of 129 respondents.