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The Internet is a territory of extensive knowledge, plentiful resources, and unmatched sea of information to teach students about anything and everything. Below are the top online websites for guides and study materials.

TED is home to out of the box discussions and erudite content across the continents in various topics of technology and education. The TED is a site where students will find many thought provoking and informative videos. Ted-Ed has a variety of educational videos which are absolutely free. The students may also listen to eminent personalities speaking on various subjects to find some inspiration.

Coursera is a MOOC (massive open online courses) platform. This is an online channel that, in collaboration with leading educational institutes and top universities, offers their students free classes on a variety of educational topics from various streams of study. 

EDX is another MOOC (massive open online courses) platform. It is one of the leading MOOC platforms of the world because it is founded and run by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This online channel is a host of innumerable topics. The content at EDX is offered free to all the students who wish to learn.

Khan Academy
This is the link for you if you are looking for an extensive content and wish to brush up your technical skills. This online portal is founded by Salman Khan and his team in 2006. It is a free source of online education that not only matches but excels the industry standard. Khan Academy provides countless free videos and study material on a variety of subjects from finance to history for the students who are keen on learning.

URedditis is home to many learning courses and lessons. What is exciting about Ureditt is that it is created by none other than the public itself. This online website also helps the students to learn various languages, scientific principles or even complex PHP programming.