Success Story: France Offered a package of 50 million rupees to the poor AC repair operator Himanshu
success story
If there is a passion to learn from mistakes, then the destination is attained. The same happened with Himanshu Shukla, who is doing engineering in the Mechanical Branch.

Rejected by many companies but he did not give up and started learning from mistakes.

Now France's company Airbus has offered him a package of fifty lakh rupees.

Himanshu said, before this, he gave an interview in Boeing. Where the interview panel made several questions related to aeronautics and aviation which were different from his field. Can’t answer them as they learn, they strengthen their hold on aviation and aeronautics topics. Meanwhile, Airbus interviewed and I got the selected. Students of BTech Final Year at Vishay College were started lancing only during his Studies.

Himanshu has done a job in Japan's energy company
He has worked on a project for the Japan Energy Company and he was also honoured for that. Himanshu's father Ramesh Shukla is retired from New India Assurance while Mother Radha Shukla is a Ward Councillor. Himanshu said I stressed on the practical application during the study. I started freelancing for this. Here too, many times the rejection has happened. With dozens of MNCs, Experience working on DRDO for many major projects like Hybrid Car, Autonomous Vehicle, LA Attitude Surveillance Drone and Automated Farm Irrigation.

In the moving train, the three generators were damaged for 8 hours, in half an hour.
Himanshu got the benefit of Practical Knowledge when he helped the Technicians in the Railway to repair the damaged air conditioners in the moving train while going to Goa in July.

He said, “I was going from Jodhpur to Goa in connection with training. On the way, all AC trains were closed. Because of this, a passenger suffering from cancer in my coach began to suffer from breathing. I talked to TT seeing the condition of the patient. He told them that I am an engineering student and can help in fixing this. They took me to Technicians who had been working to fix the air conditioner for eight hours. When I took information from Technicians about the mechanisms of generators, it was found that three out of four generators were closed due to the air traffic. I asked them to get rid of the air. Within half an hour, the air cured after the air was removed”.