Students Come Up With Innovative Ideas at Young Innovators Programme
Students came up with innovative ideas to solve some of the crucial problems faced by the society at the IIT Kharagpur’s ‘Young Innovators Programme’ (YIP).

The winner of the event, Laxmi School from Chennai, proposed to create a device that shall detect oil spills in oceans and to successfully collect the crude oil and deploy it for various purposes, an IITKGP press release said today.

Such a device would also help protect the marine ecosystems from the harmful consequences caused due to oil spills and increase the efficiency of detecting oil spills’ 

“YIP was conceptualised on the lines of proposing solutions for global warming, climate change and resource crisis and other challenges which have been constantly bothering the progress of a country like India,” the release quoted Piyush Nanda, from the organising student body of Branding and Relations Cell.

“The challenge was thrown open to students from class VIII, IX and X to assess the creative ability in attempting such solutions and discover their potential as the future innovators of India,” Nanda, who is III year student of IITKGP, said.

Baidurya Bhattacharya, Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs and International Relations, said YIP invited innovations in the diversified themes of environment, energy, agriculture, biotechnology and hardware modelling.

Talking on importance of innovation in the advancement of civilisation, he cited examples of innovations to students all around us - in mathematics, music, avionics, transportation, computing, knowledge economy.

The proposals from five other finalists included use of electrical engineering to create a surface with temperature variation and used to design a push cart which is affordable to street vendors and functional in preserving fruits and vegetables right under the sun by The CrossWord School from Andhra Pradesh.

Another proposal was an alcohol detection system that incorporates image recognition algorithms to shut down vehicular engines when drowsiness in detected in the eyes of the driver by Mother’s Public School from Odisha. 

The YIP was held last week.