Scope of Engineering in India

After completing 10+2, the life of a student starts to take a career oriented path. In today’s world, engineering is one of the highest in-demand sectors in terms of job profiles. If you have completed your graduation from a reputed college, each and every stream in engineering has sufficient jobs in the market. The choice of the stream, however, depends on the mood of the student.

Most of the jobs available for engineers are in service sector. You can imagine the potential scope of the engineering in India from the fact that if a raw material is required to be converted to a product, an engineer will be required at each and every step. Even for the extraction of the raw material, engineering skills are required.

Successful problem solvers

Engineering is a problem-solving design oriented field in which the student will be successful if he or she can solve the problems faced by the employer.

Scope in terms of salary

An average engineer can earn anything between Rs.15000 to Rs.25000 per month in the beginning. The salary increases with time depending on your skills and potential. A senior engineer often earns between Rs.500000 and Rs.100000 per month.

Availability of jobs

As the field of engineering is well tied with the latest technology, the scope for the graduates in the field of engineering will increase with time. Even in the research and development sectors in both government and private institutes, engineers are in demand. It is basically up to you if you want to do research in the lab or you want to enjoy life in the field.