Re-Define Teachers Role This Teachers Day in 2017 and Make it Modern
The technological advancement is changing the teaching style every day.

The whole system is shifting to the digitalisation. Moreover, the tablets and laptops are taking place of the text books.

Advancement in technology is affected in many ways such as way of communication, collaboration, learning, and, especially the teaching way.

Due to this it is necessary to improve the vocabulary, producing definitions such as digital natives, and it can be done with the modern day teaching.

This teacher’s day, try to make your teaching style unique to make it more meaningful to the current ‘smart’ generation and re-define your teaching roles.

Few characteristics to keep in mind are:

Presenting new ideas to the students is very important these days.
Replace text books with web resources, involve with social media.
Take examples from TED talks etc.

Build Digital:
Pictures or videos representations work a lot in teaching methods.
Students are likely to remember more if the visual representations are involved.

Two-way communication is very important in the classroom.
The more students are involved in the communication it is more beneficial.