Play a Key Role in Transforming them into Developed Districts: Prakash Javadekar
Union Human Resource Minister, Prakash Javadekar has urged the District Education Officers to play a key role in transforming Aspirational districts in to developed districts.

He was addressing the workshop with District Education Officers, DIETs, SCERTs, State Nodal Officers and Central Ministries on Transformation of Aspirational districts in Delhi recently.

He said that unless we develop education properly, districts will not develop.

No nation will develop without education; similarly no district will develop without education, Javadekar added.

He said to District Education Officers that the real challenge is to make government schools better.

He further said that under the Samagra Siksha funds will not be a problem for the development of education in the inspirational districts.

HRD Minister said that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has launched the “Transformation of Aspirational Districts- programme in January 2018 to transform over 100 districts in 28 States. These districts have been ranked on 49 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across five sectors by NEETI Aayog.

Education is one of the sectors with 30% weight attached.

Javadekar said that key performance indicators in education sectors are transition from Primary to Upper Primary and Upper Primary to Secondary.

This include Schools with Functional Girls’ Toilets, availability of Functional Drinking Water Facility in the schools, availability of Textbooks within 1 month of the Academic Session, availability of Functional Electricity Facility at Secondary School Level, Elementary Schools Complying with RTE specified Pupil Teacher Ratio, Learning Outcomes of Classes 3, 5 and 8 in Language, Mathematics and Female Literacy.

He said that Gram Swaraj Abhiyan was initiated to attain saturation coverage of 7 flagship programmes.

It is now extended to include all the five sectors under the Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme and coverage has also been extended to all the Aspirational Districts.

District Education Officers need to upload data on all the Key performance Indicators at village level except the KPI on Transition which will be at district level in the portal being developed by the Ministry of Rural Development.