Minister of State for HRD Launches Hindi Website of AICTE
The Minister of State for Human Resource Development, Satya Pal Singh presented the Takniki Pathya Pustak Puraskar for the year of 2015-16 to the distinguished writers of Hindi Books on Technical Subjects for their outstanding contribution in Delhi recently.

Takniki Pathya Pustak Puraskar is given by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.

Addressing at the award ceremony, Satya Pal Singh said that the mother tongue plays a key role in the development of any country.

He said that easy availability of technical subjects in Hindi language will help the students to get expertise in technical subjects.

He said that the award to the Hindi writers is also a manifestation of respect towards our mother land.

Satya Pal Singh said that to encourage the Hindi writers, Government will consider increasing the Prize money. He also appealed that similar initiatives should be taken in regional languages.

The Minister also launched the Hindi website of All India Council of Technical Education- AICTE, which will help the Hindi students. Commending the efforts of AICTE, he said that this will also help the government to reach out to the rural people. 

He also praised the AICTE for their commitment towards Hindi language despite the dominance of English in technical education.

Satya Pal Singh congratulated all the award winners and said that this is a humble contribution of the government to promote availability of technical education in Hindi language.

The Chairman of AICTE, Professor Anil Sahasrabudhe informed that during the last 7 years, AICTE has awarded prizes worth Rs.25,00,00 in cash for getting 100 Technical Text Books in Hindi.

During the today’s programme, a total of 8 Writers were awarded a total of Rs.3,16,000/- by way of award money. 

The first prize of Rs.1,00,000/- was given to Shyama Charan Prasad for writing original Text Book in Hindi titled  “ANUROOP ELECTRONICS” at  Engineering Degree level. 

The Second prize of R.51,000/- was given to SS Srivastave for writing Text Book “Web Designing” in Hindi.

Prizes worth Rs.15,500/- each awarded jointly to Devender Kumar Khare and Jawahar Karnavat for writing Text Book titled  “Adhunik Bhartiya Banking Siddhant Evam Bevhaar”.

Similarly, prize of Rs.31000/- was awarded to Sangeeta Saxena for writing Text Book in Hindi titled “Vastra Evam Paridhan Nirman Key Moolaadhar”. At the Diploma level, the First Prize of Rs.51,000/- was given to IC Bharati for writing “CAD CAM” in Hindi.

Second prize of Rs.31,000/- was given to Pankaj Jain for writing “ Vipanan Prabandh” in hindi and a prize of Rs.21,000/- was awarded to Shivanand Kamadey for writing a Text Book titled “Drav Abhiyantriki Evam Dravchalit Machinein”.