Interview Tips: Body Language Plays a Major Role, Know How
You keep a check on all the possible aspects before going to the interview.

You dress up, you prepare your speech, even make your resume presentable; you prepare for all possible questions that might be asked, and you make sure that everything is perfect. But still, there is one thing you are not paying attention to is your Body Language.

We know how to choose perfect and impressive words in communication but what about non-verbal communication.

You might be saying that ‘I am confident’ while you are rubbing your hands out of nervousness under the table. What do you think your interviewer will perceive?

According to ‘Professor Mehrabian communication study’, if what's coming out of your mouth doesn't match with your body gestures, your audience is more likely to believe in the gestures.

Here are some body language tips that will help you face an interview more confidently:

Eye Contact: if you keep looking towards your shoes or staring at the table, it directly conveys a message to the interviewer that you are nervous. At the same time, too much eye contact can make the atmosphere awkward. But the right amount of eye contact can make an impact on whether you get a job or not.

Smile: if you don't smile throughout the interview it loads you with negative points as a smile plays an important role, it helps in making the tensed surrounding little relaxed.

Fidgeting: it’s a common habit to play with things kept on the table while you are in a stressed surrounding but it also distracts the interviewer and makes you stand in a negative light as fidgeting shows lack of concentration and that you will not be able to focus on the project given to you.

Crossing Arms: crossing your arms helps to deal with anxiousness or psychological distress, but it is considered a negative gesture that shows a “disinterest” sign. Instead of crossing arms, you can put your hands on your lap it will make you look calm.

Posture: leaning back is lazy or arrogant and leaning forward is aggressive. You should aim for a neutral posture with the straight back which makes you look attentive.

Handshake: yes a handshake matters as it is the first interaction and leaves a great impact. A correct handshake can sail you through the interview. Your handshake should be firm, not too tight not too light.

Hand Gestures: During the conversation, you should use your hands-free as that shows your confidence in what you say and keeping your hands stiff gives a feeling of rigidness to the interviewer.

These are some tips that you should keep in mind before facing an interview, it will help you portray yourself in a better way.