How to prepare for job interview?
Many students who are academically brilliant fail when it comes to handling a PI or personal interview. This is true in the case of working professionals as well. The hard working people often lack confidence and communication

skills and hence face rejection.
Let us look at some of the tips to prepare for a job interview.

Prepare the obvious questions
The interview panel will be picking questions from your background. The questions are mainly of two type:

Technical questions which will be related to your educational/work experience background.
Personal questions which will be related to your life, family, city, future plans etc.  

Hence you need to concentrate on both the fronts.

Most obvious questions that are often asked in the interview are:
Introduce yourself / Tell me something about yourself
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Why do you want to join this company?
Why have you left your previous company?
Why should we select you?
What do you expect from the company?
Tell us your strengths and weaknesses

You must prepare these questions before going to the interview and many more. Also prepare yourself with the technical questions related to your field.

Soft skills
One of the prime reasons of rejection in an interview is inability to communicate and explain. You must brush up your soft skills. Raise questions to yourself and answer those in front of the mirror. Most of the interviews are conducted in English and you are expected to develop a good command over the  language. Be assertive and confident even when you know that your English is not very good. Confidence is another way to impress the panel.

Dressing sense
Wear a formal neat and clean ironed dress and then appear for the interview. Dressing sense is quite important and must not be overlooked.